Custom Florals

My newest work,
Custom Florals,
combines a love of
painting with a fun
and whimsical view
of nature.

Each flower is hand cut
and painted, designed
to be collected
individually or by the
dozen to create a
unique and everlasting






Order Custom Floral Bouquet
Detail of Custom Florals
Order Iris
Detail of Iris
Order Small Red Carnation
Detail of Small Red Carnation
Order Red Tulip
Detail of Red Tulip
Order Small Pink Daisy
Detail of Small Pink Daisy
Order Goldfinch
Detail of Goldfinch
Order Redpoll
Detail of Redpoll
Order Sunflower
Detail of Sunflower
Order Large Pink Daisy
Detail of Large Pink Daisy
Order Fuchsia
Detail of Fuchsia
Order Leaf2
Detail of Leaf2
Order Leaf1
Detail of Leaf1
Order Large Red Carnation
Detail of Large Carnation
Torch Lily
Detail of Torch Lily
Order Yellow Tulip
Detail of Yellow Tulip
Order Red Tulip2
Detail of Red Tulip2
Order Fire Tulip
Detail of Fire Tulip
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