As an artist I have found that process is a fundamental part of my work. In practice this means that I might have ideas about where my work is going, but often the physical process of the work informs what actually happens in my studio. I usually work on several bodies of work concurrently and the various bodies of work inform or cross-pollinate each other. The three specific bodies of work that I am working on concurrently: Works on Paper: Dirt Cloud & Ellipse, Urban Landscapes/Mixed Media and Landscape with Ellipse.

Works on Paper: Dirt Cloud & Ellipse: With regard to experimentation, works on paper give me the most satisfaction. Paper, as opposed to a wooden panel, has its limits when exposed to the rigors of a determined bristle brush and coarse sanding - it's a success in itself when the paper survives my technique. The end result is a pleasing contrast of strength and fragility. I also have a preference for texture in the paint that is created by accidental marks and debris; these "accidents" are integral to the painting process in that they provide opportunities for discovery.

Urban Landscapes/Mixed Media: The overall title of this series may change but the work itself continues to be a study of color, rhythm and shape, large and small ellipses overlapping and breaking up hard-edged color. Many of the pieces are large in scale, designed to stand alone or combine with another piece (or pieces) to form a larger scale diptych or triptych. A top coat of industrial, high-gloss resin seals the painting with a mirror-like finish, intensifying the underlying colors and textures.

Landscape with Ellipse: This series is about wanting to paint both landscapes and abstracts. It's about believing that a choice doesn't have to be made between one style and another. The challenge is to successfully encompass both styles simultaneously. 

For a wonderful interpretation of my work please read thereview by Laurien Dusharme.

(Last updated in 2008)